Department of Labor Workers’ Comp

Texas Medical Institute specializes in the care and treatment of injured federal employees covered by OWCP – Office of Workers’ Compensation, through the DOL – Department of Labor, and governed by FECA – Federal Employees Compensation Act.

Clearly Explaining Causation in a DOL Injury Claim
Our Fort Worth doctors with DOL / OWCP experience are experts in explaining causation through detailed medical narratives that clearly link the injury to the federal job. This linking of causation is the critical factor in getting your OWCP Workers’ Comp case accepted by the DOL. We will take a thorough history and physical, review your CA1 or CA2, perform physical examinations to obtain your current capacity to work, and then submit your medical history and physical information to the DOL, who will make the determination to accept your work injury case.

Immediately Start Treatment
When physical rehabilitation is needed, our Fort Worth medical staff will immediately order therapy to get you on the road to full recovery. We will start therapy even before your OWCP work injury case has been officially accepted.

Help with Your DOL Workers’ Comp Forms
Our medical offices in Dallas and Ft. Worth know exactly how to help you with the forms you need to make sure you continue getting paid when you are injured on the job. We can help you with your CA17 Duty Status Reports and provide you with detailed OWCP 5c forms to detail exactly what you can and cannot do at work. We can help you with your Travel Reimbursement forms and well as any Medical Reimbursement Forms.

Schedule Award Impairment Ratings
Our Fort Worth medical staff can also help you with your Schedule Award Impairment Rating. We use the 6th Edition of the AMA Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment to evaluate injured patients for their Schedule Awards. While not all injuries are able to be rated, we will be sure your qualified injury will be rated when the time comes.

Multidisciplinary DOL / OWCP Treatment for Injured Dallas and Ft. Worth Federal Employees
Texas Medical Institute is a multidisciplinary practice that involves the expertise of Medical Doctors, Chiropractors, and Rehab Therapists, in addition to a well-trained support staff. We can take care of your every need when you’re injured working for the federal government thru the Department of Labor and OWCP.

We Serve the Surrounding Areas
Our Fort Worth medical staff can help injured patients living in Dallas, Richardson, Plano, North Dallas, South Dallas, Ft. Worth, Keller, Duncanville, Cedar Hill, Desoto, Arlington, and Irving.