About Us

Texas Medical Institute was started in 2008 with a philosophy of using successful conservative care that has fast results without losing the one-on-one component of compassionate care between doctor and patient. We are now performing outpatient procedures in house. We are proud to say our clinics were one of the first in the area to use a multidisciplinary approach for the best overall health outcomes.

Located in our facilities, you will find a team of doctors with specializations in family practice, emergency medicine, anesthesiology/pain management, orthopedic surgery, and chiropractic. We have always been and will continue to stay on the cutting edge of new techniques and state-of-the-art equipment and supplies to afford our patients the best care that can possibly be delivered.

We Specialize in Workers’ Compensation.
We specialize in the treatment of State and Department of Labor Workers’ Comp injuries. Our patients come from all federal agencies in the Dallas and Ft. Worth areas. We treat back injuries, neck injuries, shoulder injuries, knee injuries, ankle injuries, and more that result from on the job injuries that are covered by the State and Department of Labor. The multidisciplinary approach of our medical doctors and chiropractors enables us to help injured employees with any of a multitude of treatment options available at Texas Medical Institute. If you have suffered a DOL / OWCP or other Workers’ Comp injury in Dallas or Ft. Worth, call the clinics at Texas Medical Institute today.

Texas Medical Institute Is Located At:
6789 Camp Bowie Blvd., Fort Worth, TX 76116
3304 SE Loop 820, Fort Worth, TX 76140