Ft. Worth DOL OWCP Federal Workers Comp Doctors

Texas Medical Institute helps injured federal employees in and around Ft. Worth, TX. Our DOL / OWCP experienced doctors are specially trained in Department Of Labor workers compensation for the Ft. Worth injured federal worker. If you’re reading this, then you’re most likely looking for a qualified doctor in your area. You may have heard of all of the recent enforcement against doctors who may have broken some rules along the way while treating injured federal employees. Texas Medical Institute prides itself on compliance. We are committed to helping federal employees with DOL work injuries by following all of the rules and by putting the needs of the injured worker at the forefront of our decision making. All of our DOL treatment is based on medical necessity determined by the severity of the federal work injury. We have medical doctors, chiropractors, and rehab therapists that are trained and ready to help injured federal employees. If you or someone you know was hurt at work for a federal agency: the post office (USPS), TSA, FEMA, Federal Prisons, or any other federal agency, give Texas Medical Institute in Ft. Worth, TX a call. We are your DOL / OWCP federal workers comp experienced doctors.

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