DOL / OWCP Injury Doctors in Dallas and Ft. Worth

Texas Medical Institute helps injured federal employees who were hurt at work at the US Postal Service, TSA, FEMA, Federal Prisons, Homeland Security, and all other federal agencies. Too often, federal employees suffer an OWCP / DOL workers’ comp injury and go to their family doctor only to learn that the doctor either doesn’t accept Department Of Labor cases or simply doesn’t know how to treat federal workers’ comp injuries. The doctors at Texas Medical Institute in Dallas and Ft. Worth do treat patients with DOL / OWCP federal workers’ comp injuries. We can help you get your work injury claim accepted by writing very detailed causation letters that link your injury to the job. We also help you get paid by making sure all of your forms are filled out correctly before you submit them to your agency. When you need work restrictions or need to be taken off of work, we will give you an OWCP 5c to turn in to your supervisor. This form will detail your restrictions or need to be off work. If you have past medical bills that you had to pay out of your own pocket, we’ll help you with the forms needed for reimbursement and the same goes for travel reimbursement for medical care. These are all concerns of federal employees that most doctors don’t know anything about. So, if you were injured on the job working for any federal agency in Dallas or Ft. Worth, contact the DOL / OWCP experienced doctors at Texas Medical Institute. We are here to help injured federal employees.

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