Welcome to Texas Medical Institute

Texas Medical Institute was started in 2008 with a philosophy of using successful conservative care that has fast results without losing the one-on-one component of compassionate care between doctor and patient. We specialize in all musculoskeletal conditions, including back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, hip pain, and more. Our Fort Worth location helps patients who were hurt at work, as well as car accidents or other personal injuries in Dallas and Ft. Worth.

Workers’ Compensation, including Department of Labor
Texas Medical Institute treats people with musculoskeletal injuries covered by Workers’ Compensation, including Department of Labor Workers’ Compensation (OWCP / DOL Injuries). Employees from all work places and federal agencies visit Texas Medical Institute when they are hurt at work. Federal agencies include Post Office injuries, TSA injuries, FEMA injuries, Homeland Security injuries, and more. Our doctors and staff are experienced in dealing with all Texas and DOL WC claims.

DFW federal employees who are hurt at work often experience hassles and headaches related to filing their OWCP claim and in getting the right treatment from doctors with DOL experience. Our Fort Worth location will write detailed causation reports that clearly link your injury to the job. These DOL reports are crucial in getting your federal work injury claim accepted. And, we know how to help you get paid while you’re off work and getting treatment. We can assist you with COP as well as with any reimbursements you may be owed from work-related medical or travel expenses. We can help you with your Duty Status Reports along the way and when your work injury claim comes to an end, we can help you with your Schedule Award Impairment Rating.

The DOL / OWCP experienced doctors at Texas Medical Institute can help you with all of your OWCP work injury needs.

Auto Injuries and Personal Injuries
We also treat people who were hurt in accidents on the road or at home. Whether you were hurt in an auto accident or fell off a ladder, we can treat your injuries in a number of ways. We have a medical doctor and chiropractors to help you. We accept letters of protection (LOPs) from personal injury lawyers and we are able to work with the auto insurance carrier to make sure you don’t have to pay any money out of your pocket to get better.

Texas Medical Institute Is Located At:
3304 SE Loop 820, Fort Worth, TX 76140